Katee Sackhoff Cast In UK Horror Movie Don’t Knock Twice


American actress Katee Sackhoff has reportedly signed on to star in ‘Don’t Knock Twice,’ a new homegrown horror movie set to be shot in Britain this summer.

Empire report that director Caradog James’ film, currently being sold internationally at the Cannes Film Festival, is “being pitched as in the vein of ‘Candyman’ and ‘Ring,’ revolving around a “psychologically terrifying urban legend’”, and centres on “a guilt-ridden mother trying to save her estranged daughter from the curse of a vengeful witch.”

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This will be the latest in a succession of horror roles for the former ‘Battlestar Galactica’ actress, seen last year alongside Karen Gillan in underrated supernatural chiller ‘Oculus’ (pictured above).

Sackhoff is known for having a preference for fan-friendly genre material, as also evidenced by her role in Vin Diesel’s sci-fi monster action movie ‘Riddick.’

Most famously, she has long been rumoured to be in line to take the lead in Marvel’s long-awaited ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, though nothing official has ever been said by either the actress or studio on the matter.


Director Caradog James, meanwhile, is responsible for 2013’s ‘The Machine,’ a comparatively little-seen but highly recommended sci-fi thriller. The script for ‘Don’t Knock Twice’ is from  Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler, the writers behind upcoming British werewolves-on-a-train horror ‘Howl.’

Content Media and Red and Black Films will produce ‘Don’t Knock Twice,’ and Content’s Jamie Carmichael enthuses, “Caradog has proven himself to be a very dynamic and innovative director, and clearly Katee brings a ton of experience and credibility to this genre too. They’re going to make a fantastic team.

"After the worldwide success of ‘The Machine’ we’re excited to be traveling this journey with Content again, and we’re thrilled to have landed Katee for our leading lady.”

Watch the trailer for ‘The Machine’ below.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros, WENN