Katherine Ryan admits uncertainty about her marriage

Katherine Ryan has admitted she can't predict how long her marriage will last.

The comedian has revealed that while she and her husband Bobby Kootstra may be happy now, she has no sense of certainty about how long the happiness will continue.

"We've only been married five years, but 50 years? I don't know," Katherine, 40, told The Sun. "Everyone's happy after the first five whereas I'm more about, 'Can we make it to 20 years and 40 years and 50 years?'"

However, she made a point of mentioning her husband's good looks, adding, "It's easy to love him - look how fit he is."

The confession comes after Katherine revealed her intensive "attachment" parenting style had at times taken priority over her relationship with Bobby, 42.

"I personally co-sleep, I spend so much time with my kids, I'm an attachment parent," she said on the daytime TV show Lorraine, in February.

"I potty-trained them really, really young which was controversial, I carry them everywhere.

"Maybe my marriage takes a back seat because of the co-sleeping."

Teenaged sweethearts, Katherine and Bobby grew up together in Canada before parting ways at their school prom. Two decades later, they reconnected and were married in 2019.