Keanu Reeves pictured as rock and roll renegade in Cyberpunk 2077 game

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Fans have been offered a glimpse of Keanu Reeves as the rugged Johnny Silverhand in the video game Cyberpunk 2077.

The Hollywood star, 56, used motion capture to bring his character, a military veteran turned rock and roll frontman and freedom fighter, to life.

New images show Silverhand, who has a mechanical arm, against the backdrop of the dystopian setting of Night City, which is controlled by sinister corporations.

A behind the scenes video shows Reeves striking poses and playing a guitar while wearing motion tracking equipment.

He says: “I did it in The Matrix films so to start doing motion capture for Johnny was all very familiar to me.

“The only difference I think technologically was how close they were going to real-time review.

“But creatively it was very familiar and sense of starting a library of gesture and the toolbox for the animators to work with for the character.”

(Cyberpunk 2077/PA)
(Cyberpunk 2077/PA)

The choose-your-own-adventure from CD Projekt Red will allow gamers to affect the story through their own actions.

This is not Reeves’ first foray into video games.

His likeness appeared in a number of games based on The Matrix film series and in 2019 he appeared in Fortnite in character as John Wick to promote the third film in the series.

(Cyberpunk 2077/PA)
(Cyberpunk 2077/PA)

In September, Reeves revealed he was filming the long-awaited fourth Matrix film in Berlin.

He will reprise the role of Neo while Carrie-Anne Moss will return as Trinity for the first new instalment since 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions.

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