Keira Knightley Has Only Seen ‘Love Actually’ Once, So Forgive Her for Not Knowing Which Guy Her Character Chooses

Richard Curtis’ “Love Actually” is one of the most popular Christmas romance movies, but star Keira Knightley has only seen the film once since its theatrical release in November of 2003. The actress made the surprise revelation during a video interview with Wired, in which she also struggled to answer which guy her character ends up with at the end of the movie. During a game where Knightley had to answer questions from the most popular Google autofills that follow her name, the question arose: “Who does Keira Knightley end up with in ‘Love, Actually’?”

“I don’t remember, who do I end up with?,” Knightley whispers to her co-interviewee in the video, Mackenzie Foy (“Interstellar”). “I’m with my husband, aren’t I? Aren’t I with Chiwetel Ejiofor? I’ve only seen it once, and it was a really long time ago. So I don’t go off with Andrew Lincoln?”

Knightley’s storyline is one of the film’s most popular. The actress plays Juliet, a woman whose fiancée’s best man is secretly in love with her. Knightley’s husband, Peter, is played by Ejiofor, while Lincoln starred as best man Mark. The storyline famously ends with a scene of Mark using cue cards to tell Juliet about his feelings. Most fans of the movie know that Juliet stays with Peter, but Knightley needed some off-camera help to remember.

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“Love Actually” was released several months after the Disney blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl,” which made 2003 Knightley’s breakthrough year with American moviegoers. Since then, Knightley has earned two Oscar nominations (Best Actress for “Pride & Prejudice,” Best Supporting Actress for “The Imitation Game”). Lincoln went on to lead “The Walking Dead,” while Ejiofor later earned a Best Actor nomination for “12 Years A Slave.”

Knightley most recently starred in the well-reviewed “Colette,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Next up for the actress is the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” in theaters November 2.

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