Keith Lemon: I did not ban Katie Price from Celebrity Juice

Keith Lemon says Katie Price was his worst guest to appear on Celebrity Juice

Since Celebrity Juice hit our small screens in 2008, the show has seen a variety of celebrities appear alongside host Keith Lemon, often making complete fools of themselves. However, one celeb didn’t impress the ginger funny man that much. 

Appearing on White Wine Question Time, Keith said that while Katie Price has been his least favourite guest, he’s never banned her from the show.

“There was a rumour that I'd banned her from Juice,” he told host Kate Thornton.

“I don't have that power! I turn up and go 'Who's on?' and back in the day when Gino used to be on, I'd just go to his dressing room, get pissed and then go on telly.”

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The reason why the former glamour girl didn’t go down well with Keith was simply because she was really reserved and didn’t get too involved in the show’s shenanigans.

“She was kind of quiet,” he revealed. “I always think a really good Juice guest is someone who gets involved. Then they get more air-time, because if they're quiet, they'll just cut it out because it's a waste of time.” 

Katie Price was a bit quiet whens he appeared on Celebrity Juice

Keith believes that Katie was worried he would make fun of her – but he says he always tries to be a kind when he does ridicule his guests.

“I think she puts a wall up,” he said. “I remember her going 'Oh, are you going to take the piss out of me?' If I do take the piss, it's going to be friendly anyway, you know what I mean? It's not a malicious show, is it?” 

When asked by Kate who his favourite guest was, he said that “anyone I know in real life” was always good.

Fellow podcast guest, Anna Richardson, who has appeared on Celebrity Juice said the show was great fun to be on.

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“It’s like playing!” she exclaimed. “It’s like a little party.”

In a previous episode of White Wine Question Time, Keith revealed that another celebrity had provided an interesting encounter on one of his other show’s, Through The Keyhole.

He revealed that while poking through Kerry Katona’s drawers he found a “lady soothing stick” and a Dracula mask.

“Does this person put the Dracula mask on and then enjoy themselves? It's just weird isn’t it?” he told Kate.


Hear Keith Lemon and Anna Richardson talk more about their new show, The Fantastical Factory Of Curious Craft, which premieres on Channel 4 at 8pm this Sunday, on the latest episode of White Wine Question Time. Listen now on iTunes and Spotify.