Keke Palmer teases what Jordan Peele fans can expect from Nope

Keke Palmer believes that fans of Jordan Peele's directorial work will find plenty to enjoy about his secretive sci-fi horror movie Nope.

The star is currently promoting her role as Izzy Hawthorne in Pixar animation Lightyear, but has the co-lead role in Nope alongside Daniel Kaluuya next on her slate.

When Yahoo asked the 28-year-old star whether it would be fair to describe the movie as Peele going to the "next level", Palmer said that "I personally think so".

Lightyear is in UK cinemas from 17 June, with Nope due to arrive on 12 August.

Video transcript

TOM BEASLEY: One of the things you're doing in the near future is the Jordan Peele film, which we're all very excited about seeing. I'm not going to ask you to reveal anything because I know it's all very secret. But for those of us who loved Jordan's last few films, I guess, is this him at the next level? What can we expect from it?

KEKE PALMER: Yeah. I mean, I personally think so. I think what Jordan has been able to do is continuously give us new commentary. You know, his work always has a bunch of different things to take from it, you know, whether it's "Get Out" or "Us," and now "Nope." So I'm just excited to see what are the themes that they pick up from this film. So the conversation surrounding it is always going to be the most exciting part.

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