Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Fans Are Furious After Watching a Recent 'Live' Episode

Fans aren't too happy with Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos at the moment, and it has to do with one surprising detail of their joint daytime job.

The longtime couple are currently the hosts of Live With Kelly and Mark, which normally airs five times a week on ABC. As the title of the long-running morning show infers, the series is meant to have Kelly and Mark interview celebrities, talk about all things pop culture, and star in a number of segments that will entice fans to go shopping or do something creative in their everyday lives.

As Live is meant to be, well, live, fans of Kelly and Mark were disappointed on February 5 when they learned the show wouldn't be airing in real-time. Instead, viewers saw an episode of the married duo discussing some of their favorite moments that aired in 2023, including the best social media moments from the show and their favorite celebrity walkouts to the soundstage for interviews.

kelly ripa mark consuelos live name change twitter
John Argueta - ABC

When fans realized Live didn't air a new episode in real-time, many went to social media to voice their complaints about it. What's more, some even felt the name of the show needed to change if it continued.

"Geez! Another pre-recorded show today? @kellymarklive So much for live shows, we are lucky to get 3 live shows a week!" one person lamented on X (formerly known as Twitter). "@kellymarklive @MarkConsuelos @KellyRipa So unfortunate that there are only 2 sometimes 3 max 'LIVE' shows per week. Been a viewer for over 30yrs and I think it’s time to either take the word 'LIVE' out of the title or sadly cancel the show," a different viewer added.

While there will always be times when Live won't air a new episode, fans don't need to worry about pre-recorded episodes being a regular thing. New episodes are slated to air through the rest of the week, along with some special live events happening over the next month.

On February 26 and February 27, viewers will see Kelly and Mark host the show live from Las Vegas. Just a few weeks after that, the couple will host a post-Oscars televised event on March 11 to discuss what they witnessed from the star-studded night.

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