Kelly's only chance to be princess

Press Association

Kelly Macdonald has claimed voicing the lead in new Disney-Pixar animation Brave is the closest she'll ever get to playing a princess.

The Scottish star of No Country For Old Men and Boardwalk Empire plays Princess Merida in the film, a tomboy who would rather go for wild rides on her horse and practise her archery skills with the bow and arrow than settle down and marry a prince.

Kelly, 36, said: "I would never get near a role like this in a live-action version, you know? I'm far too old, I'm not physical or athletic or beautiful enough, so thank goodness it's an animated version.

"This was so far removed from me that if it was a live-action film, I don't think I would even be in the casting!"

She added: "It was an amazing experience and one I never thought I'd get the chance to do. I feel very privileged.

"Merida is not your typical heroine. I feel quite proud to be the voice of Pixar's first female protagonist."

The Trainspotting star - who has a four-year-old son, Freddie, with her husband, Travis bassist Dougie Payne, and is expecting the couple's second child - is thrilled with what the film stands for.

"Being a mother myself, the big message of Brave is brilliant - a mother makes some mistakes and apologises for them," she said.

:: Brave is already out in Scotland and Ireland, and opens in other UK cinemas on Friday August 17. The accompanying soundtrack is released on Monday August 13.