Kevin Bacon's wife banned him from 'dressing as a giant peanut' for advert

Kyra Sedgwic urged Kevin Bacon to reject the opportunity credit:Bang Showbiz
Kyra Sedgwic urged Kevin Bacon to reject the opportunity credit:Bang Showbiz

Kevin Bacon was banned by Kyra Sedgwick from "dancing to 'Footloose' dressed as a giant peanut" for a commercial.

The 64-year-old actor has been married to the 57-year-old actress since 1988, and he's revealed that she "doesn’t like it when food talks".

Kevin - who starred in the 1984 musical drama film 'Footloose' - shared: "It is true that I had to turn down dancing to 'Footloose' dressed as a giant peanut MandM for a commercial, because my wife doesn’t like it when food talks.

"It’s just a thing she has. If she sees a talking grape, it freaks her out. When there was the possibility I might be a talking MandM, she just said: 'No, that’s too far.'"

Despite this, Kevin has starred in lots of adverts for the UK mobile network operator EE over the last decade.

The Hollywood star has actually enjoyed filming the light-hearted adverts, because he's always struggled to land comedic roles in the movie industry.

Kevin told the Guardian newspaper: "I’ve been doing the EE stuff for over a decade.

"One of the initial things I responded to was that the spots were funny and that I had an opportunity to make fun of myself. I love comedy, but in our industry, comedy is a club to which you have a membership, and I’ve never been able to crack that membership. It’s never too late."

Kevin believes it's tough to switch between different movie genres.

He explained: "If I had my druthers [choice], I think I would rather be known as a dramatic actor who occasionally wants to do comedy rather than a famous comedic actor who wants to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor. Our industry makes that transition a lot harder."