Kevin Bishop escapes killer sheep

Press Association26 August 2012

Kevin Bishop and Kris Marshall have claimed they narrowly escaped death after a run in with a "homicidal" sheep on the set of their new film.

The pair star in comedy A Few Best Men, about a group of British friends who go to Australia to be best men at their friend's wedding, and have a run in with the father-of-the-bride's pet ram. Kevin and Kris had to grapple with the ram in one scene.

Kris revealed: "There were two rams. The first was a homicidal maniac. These things are about 200 pounds, they're not small."

Kevin added: "One was a homicidal maniac and we never used him again because he tried to kill us all in the rehearsal. But there was another one, who was also a little bit crazy."

The sheep had an on-set trainer who taught the actors how to handle their woolly co-star.

Kris said: "We had to just hold its horns and hang on basically."

A Few Best Men - which is released in cinemas on Friday August 31 - also stars Olivia Newton-John as a crazy mother-in-law.

The lads loved working with her. Kris said: "She was like our mother."

Kevin revealed: "She's exactly like you would want her to be, if you think about Olivia Newton-John and her career and what she's done and everything. And when I was going to meet her I was thinking 'I hope she's not a real crazy diva, like people that famous really are'. But she was just really lovely. She was wonderful. I played tennis with her!"

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