Kevin Costner reveals Princess Diana's main concern about appearing in planned 'Bodyguard' sequel

Kevin Costner and Princess Diana (Credit: Getty/Reuters)
Kevin Costner and Princess Diana (Credit: Getty/Reuters)

Though it seems like an entirely unlikely tale, at one time Princess Diana was in discussions to star in a sequel to 90s romantic thriller The Bodyguard.

It was to find Kevin Costner once again on close protection duty, while also imitating life - Costner's new charge was to be hounded by paparazzi and stalkers.

But now Costner has revealed her main concern about making her movie debut, after he spoke to her on the phone.

“The studio liked the idea of doing a Bodyguard 2 [with Diana] in the same kind of capacity as Whitney [Houston],” he told PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing show.

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“Nobody really knew that for about a year. I just remember her being incredibly sweet on the phone, and she asked the question, she goes, ‘Are we going to have, like a kissing scene?’

“She said it in a very respectful… She was a little nervous because her life was very governed. And I said, ‘Yeah, there’s going to be a little bit of that, but we can make that okay too.’”

The Bodyguard (Credit: Warner Bros)
The Bodyguard (Credit: Warner Bros)

Costner said that he received the first script for the sequel only the day before Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997.

The Dances With Wolves star also revealed that Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was also key to setting the whole thing up.

“Sarah was really important,” he said. “I always respect Sarah because she’s the one that set up the conversation between me and Diana.

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“She was the one that set it up, and she never said, ‘Well, what about me? I’m a princess too.’ She was just so supportive of the idea.”

Costner first revealed that Diana was being considered for the role in an interview with Anderson Cooper in 2012.

“Diana and I had been talking about doing Bodyguard 2,” he told the US host.

“I told her I would take care of her just the same way that I took care of Whitney. She wanted me to write it for her. I said ‘I’ll tailor it for you if you’re interested.’ She goes: ‘I am interested.’”

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