Kevin Costner sues over missing profits from Robin Hood

Kevin Costner is suing the makers of 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', claiming they've not paid him his share of the film's profits for the past two years.

Though the film, one of the actor's biggest hits, was released in 1991, Costner is still supposed to get an annual 15% of the money it makes.

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He claims that producer Morgan Creek has 'delayed, obfuscated, concealed and reneged' on the deal, so he's getting lawyered up to get what he believes he is owed from 2010 and 2011.

His lawyers also say that the company under-reported the amount made through home video sales by 90% and 'intentionally concealed information and employed inaccurate and improper accounting practices designed to deprive Costner of his backend participation'.

Costner is claiming for damages, and alleging breach of contract and fraud by the company.

The film made $390 million (£251 million) at the box office, and has since made 'tens of millions' on video, DVD and through repeat screenings on TV.

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