Marvel Boss Addresses Spider-Man Joining The Avengers Rumours

Rumours surrounding Spider-Man joining Marvel’s Cinematic Universe have circulated all summer long.

No one connected with either Sony, who owns the beloved comic book character’s movie rights, or Marvel have actually commented on the matter though.

And that’s still pretty much the case, except that Kevin Feige, who is Marvel’s President Of Production, has teased that there are still a few details to work out before Peter Parker finally comes across to the studio.


Yesterday Marvel made a huge announcement regarding the upcoming films you can expect from them, and Spider-Man’s absence proved to be a huge disappointment to movie-fans who were hoping that his addition to their slate would be confirmed.

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When Feige was directly asked about the rumoured transfer of Spider-Man to Marvel he declared: “Anything that wasn’t specifically and obviously revealed today is either not true at all, or still rumour until it’s worked out.”

Is Feige teasing that Marvel and Sony are still finalising the deal for Spider-Man? Maybe; but until it’s actually confirmed all we can do is speculate. Spider-Man’s addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be cataclysmic for ‘The Avengers’ and the expected Civil War arc, as well as an eventual reboot film for the superhero himself.

However is there actually any room for Spider-Man to flourish with Marvel?

With a ‘Black Panther’ film starring Chadwick Boseman now announced, as well as origin stories for ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Inhumans’, ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Ant-Man’ on the periphery, the only adventure that Spider-Man could realistically appear in would be either part one or part two of ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’


That of course would be a pretty stellar way to introduce the webbed wonder and it could then be followed by an origin story soon after too. Plus, this would also allow a good period of time for the dust to settle between ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ and a potential reboot that would once again see the superhero introduced to a new generation.

Hopefully Spider-Man will find a permanent home with Marvel though that will allow the icon to grown in a settled and intriguing fashion.

Plus the fact that he will also be able to join up with a variety of his old superhero friends for adventures along the way too is enough to make any comic-book fan weep with joy in anticipation.

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Image credit: Sony/Marvel