KFC Is Taking Its Nuggets To Saucy New Heights

KFC Saucy Nuggets combo meal
KFC Saucy Nuggets combo meal - KFC

April 1 is usually a time for pranks, but KFC isn't playing games this year. It's the day the company is launching its Saucy Nuggets, according to a press release sent to Daily Meal stressing that this was no joking matter. The new offering features KFC's chicken nuggets coated in your choice of five different sauces. The nuggets, which are made by coating "100% white meat chicken" in the company's Original Recipe breading, made their debut last March and were soon given out for free to celebrate Mother's Day.

Now, nugget fans can try these bites smothered in the sauce of their choosing. Two options are favorites making comebacks: Nashville Hot and Georgia Gold. Nashville Hot debuted nationwide in 2016 and is modeled after the famous fiery style from Tennessee. Georgia Gold, which launched a year later, is a mustard-based barbecue sauce that also includes honey for a zesty sweetness. The new additions to the line-up are Honey Sriracha, a soy and sesame-packed take on Korean BBQ, and Sticky Chicky Sweet 'n Sour Sauce, which counts pineapple, garlic, and chiles among its ingredients.

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Saucy Nuggets And Apple Pie Poppers

KFC apple pie poppers
KFC apple pie poppers - KFC

To entice customers to try this new menu item, KFC is offering a 10-piece order of nuggets tossed in the sauce of your choice for $5.99 at select restaurants. There's also a special combo meal featuring a 10-piece Saucy Nuggets, Secret Recipe Fries (which knocked the chain's potato wedges off the menu in 2020), and a medium drink for $9.99. Before you eat at KFC again, you should also know that you can score a free 10-piece order of Saucy Nuggets when spending $10 or more using the restaurant's app or ordering online.

KFC is also launching a sweet treat to enjoy after the Saucy Nuggets. The company's latest dessert is Apple Pie Poppers, which transforms the classic baked good into toasty miniature pastries. This move might interest KFC fans who remember when the fast food fried chicken chain sold pie-like apple turnovers boasting cinnamon-spiced fruit centers. Orders of four Apple Pie Poppers will be available for $2.49 at participating locations.

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