Kiefer Sutherland sent Clint Eastwood a letter to get a role in new movie

kiefer sutherland at the 2024 annual critics choice awards
Kiefer Sutherland sent Clint Eastwood a letterJeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Kiefer Sutherland has revealed he sent a note to Clint Eastwood in order to secure a role in Juror No. 2.

The thriller follows a juror (Nicholas Hoult) on a murder trial in a moral quandary, with the cast also including Toni Collette, Zoey Deutch, Gabriel Basso, Chris Messina, Leslie Bibb and JK Simmons in addition to Sutherland.

kiefer sutherland at the 2024 annual critics choice awards
Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

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Though Sutherland may have made his name with his role as Jack Bauer on 24, the star revealed that he wrote a note to the legendary director to secure a part, recalling his experience during an interview on The One Show.

“I’ve always admired his [Eastwood’s] filmmaking - I really wanted to do a Western with him at one time because I love that genre of films,” began Sutherland. “I had read in one of the trade magazines that he was directing his last film - he’s 93 years old - and I thought: ‘this is my last chance.’

“So I wrote him a letter telling him how much I admired his work, which specific films [I loved] and why. Going all this way back, [I mentioned] his first film Play Misty for Me and he was kind enough to give me a job. So kids, learn how to handwrite.”

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Sutherland will reportedly play the sponsor to Hoult’s character at Alcoholics Anonymous, with Collette playing the prosecutor; Deutch assumes the role of the juror’s wife, with Basso playing the man on trial (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“Juror No. 2 follows family man Justin Kemp (Hoult) who, while serving as a juror in a high-profile murder trial, finds himself struggling with a serious moral dilemma … one he could use to sway the jury verdict and potentially convict - or free - the wrong killer,” reads the logline for the film.

Juror No.2 currently has no release date.

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