Kiefer Sutherland 'Seriously Injured' After Fall On Tour Bus

Gary Trock

Kiefer Sutherland says he's unable to sing after a slip and fall on his tour bus left him with an injured rib.

The "24" star announced the news Thursday on social media.

"Sadly I slipped on the steps of the bus whilst traveling to Denmark and seriously injured a rib, making it difficult to breathe and impossible to sing," he wrote.

It's unclear if his rib was fractured in the fall.

Sutherland added, "Regretfully, I will not be able to perform the last 3 shows of our tour, but have every intension [sic] of making up these shows in September/October when we return."

Even though the 52-year-old star is best known as a TV star, Sutherland has had a successful music career and is in the tail end of a huge European tour that kicked off back in January in Colorado before quickly jetting off to Germany.

The star is on the road promoting his new album, "Reckless & Me," which dropped back in April.

The album features a blend of folk, rock, blue and country, and according to the description, showcase, "Sutherland’s love of sharing stories, whether by recounting a snapshot of his own life or relating the experiences of others."

He was scheduled to finish out the month of August with three shows in Grenaa, Denmark , Gothenburg on Sweden and Esbjerg, Denmark before picking up for the last leg in October.

Fans of Sutherland immediately expressed their sorrow over his injury, but many refused to believe that the man who plays Jack Bauer could ever be injured.

One fan immediately quipped, "Jack Bauer needs no ribs: he's bulletproof."

Many agreed, but another loayl "24" follower theorized that, "Bauer would stand up and sing his rib out of the pain."

Get well soon, Special Agent Bauer.

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