King Harald and Queen Sonja Release Statement: "Thank You for All the Care, Help and Support"

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King Harald and Queen Sonja Release StatementEskil Wie Furunes

Norway's King Harald remains in the hospital in Oslo, after he was hospitalized in Malaysia for an infection. Yesterday, his son Prince Haakon gave an update to the press, saying his father is glad to be back in Norway.

Today, King Harald and his wife, Queen Sonja, released a statement of gratitude amid the health crisis. "We feel a great need to thank you for all the care, help and support in connection with the King falling ill on our holiday in Malaysia," they wrote in a message released by the Norwegian royal house. "We have felt the warmth flowing from the Norwegian people during this time. The great commitment has moved us, and strengthened us. Many thanks to everyone for the care you have shown us in the family."

The Norwegian royal couple added, "Once back at home in Norway, we would also like to extend a big thank you to the Malaysian authorities and staff at the Sultanah Maliha Hospital in Langkawi. Together with Norwegian health personnel, they did everything they could to ensure that the King would recover well from his illness and be ready for the journey home. We are very grateful to the Norwegian government, the Armed Forces and others who assisted in making the journey home so safe and smooth for us."

They concluded their message by writing, "At Rikshospitalet, the King is now undergoing expert treatment. We thank everyone who has given us care, practical and health-related help in a challenging situation."

The latest update on King Harald's health was released by the Norwegian Royal House this morning, as they have provided near-daily updates since his initial hospitalization in Malaysia. In a statement, they said, " His Majesty The King's health is steadily improving, and his general condition is satisfactory. The treating physicians are content with the progress." They added, "The infection is under control, and the pacemaker insertion is likely to take place early next week."

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