The King and his heirs: Charles pictured with Prince William and Prince George in new portrait for coronation

The King has marked his coronation with a new family portrait of himself with his two heirs to the throne, Prince William and Prince George.

The photograph of the monarch alongside his son and grandson was taken in Buckingham Palace's throne room on the day he was crowned in Westminster Abbey.

It shows the King sitting in the centre on one of a pair of 1902 throne chairs, which were made for use at the coronation of King Edward VII, for the future King George V and Queen Mary.

The chairs were also used in the background of the 1937 coronation of Charles's grandfather, King George VI.

The King wears the robe of estate and the imperial state crown in the picture, while holding the sovereign's orb and sovereign's sceptre with cross.

Another new image was released on Friday showing the King and Queen with their pages of honour and ladies in attendance.

It was also taken in Buckingham Palace's throne room on the day of the coronation, with the King once again wearing his robe of estate and imperial state crown.

The Queen is photographed wearing Queen Mary's crown and robe of estate.

A smiling Prince George can be seen in the second picture, along with the Queen's grandsons Freddy Parker Bowles, Gus Lopes and Louis Lopes and great-nephew Arthur Elliot.

The Queen stands next to her sister Annabel Elliot, while the Marchioness of Lansdowne is next to the King - who was appointed to the royal household as a Queen's companion in 2022.

The remaining three pages of honour - Ralph Tollemache, Lord Oliver Cholmondeley and Nicholas Barclay - stand on the far left of the photo.

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Photographer Hugo Burnand, who took the King and Queen's wedding pictures in 2005, also took the latest snaps.

Following a weekend of festivities, the King issued a written message on Tuesday saying the nation's support was "the greatest possible coronation gift", adding: "We thank you, each and every one."