Kings' Richaun Holmes left the NBA bubble for chicken wings

Liz Roscher
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Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento Kings is finally out of his mandatory 10-day quarantine after breaking the borders of the NBA bubble to pick up a food delivery. He met with the media for the first time since all that went down, and there were a lot of questions — especially about what kind of food caused him to leave the bubble.

Holmes left for chicken wings

During his media availability, Holmes revealed that it was the irresistible siren call of chicken wings that led him to leave the bubble.

“Ordered some wings and went to grab the wings, but I really wasn’t too aware of the borders,” Holmes said, via the Sacramento Bee. “I kind of knew what was going on, but the specific area I was in, I wasn’t aware. So, yeah, I stepped out and grabbed the food and came back, and they just let me know they wanted to be as safe as possible. They had to enforce the rules and I completely understand that, so I won’t make that mistake again.”

Holmes also revealed what kind of wings he ordered.

"We had a little BBQ/lemon pepper mix. It was pretty solid, they were pretty solid," he said via TMZ.

Are “pretty solid” wings worth a 10-day quarantine? Probably not. Though to Holmes’ mother, nothing but her cooking could possibly be worth it.

Richaun Holmes standing on a basketball court.
Richaun Holmes was placed in mandatory quarantine after leaving the NBA bubble to pick up an order of chicken wings. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Holmes: It’s not Kelly Oubre Jr.’s fault

Holmes’s ill-advised food pickup happened just a few days after Kelly Oubre Jr. gave out some unverified (and stupid) advice on Twitter. In an effort to help his fellow NBA bubble residents get better food, the Phoenix Suns player tweeted a totally incorrect food pickup workaround.

“To all my @NBA Bro’s. Postmates delivers to the hotel !!! You just have to go out and meet the delivery person at the hotel entrance. Security will not hold the food for you or help you. Yeah the food wack but we here for a bigger purpose, hope that helps… #Shhh”

To the surprise of no one, he deleted the tweet after finding out it was completely wrong and followed up with this gem.

Just two days later, Holmes left the bubble while picking up a delivery of chicken wings. Did that happen because he followed Oubre’s debunked advice? Holmes says no.

“I actually saw Kelly the other day. He told me he felt bad, but honestly I didn’t see his tweet before,” Holmes said, via the Sacramento Bee. “I think that’s something we all kind of thought, and I had to take the fall for it, but it’s all good.”

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