Kit Connor to lead cast of new horror One Of Us

Kit Connor will star in One Of Us credit:Bang Showbiz
Kit Connor will star in One Of Us credit:Bang Showbiz

Kit Connor will lead the cast of 'One Of Us'.

The 'Heartstopper' actor will also be joined by Callum Woodhouse, Charlotte Hope, Siobhan Fallon-Hogan and Ian Beattie in the horror mystery, which will mark the debut of writer-and-director Stefan van de Graaff.

The 19-year-old star will plays Youngest in the allegorical film, in which he must search for the stranger in the group when members of a family begin dying one by one at a funeral.

'One of Us' will be produced by Raquel Baldwin, with Robert Machoian co-producing and director Stefan also executive-producing.

Filming is due to begin in Northern Ireland later this month.

Back in October, Kit was in the spotlight after he criticised fans for "forcing" him to come out as bisexual.

The 'Rocketman' actor made a rare Twitter post to clarify his sexuality after some people accused him of "queerbaiting" after he was pictured holding hands with 'A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow' co-star Maia Reficco.

Kit - who plays bisexual Nick Nelson in 'Heartstopper' - wrote: "Back for a minute. I’m bi.

"Congrats for forcing an 18 year old to out himself. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye.”

'Heartstopper' creator, writer and showrunner Alice Oseman threw her support behind the star in a powerful tweet.

She replied: "I truly don’t understand how people can watch ‘Heartstopper’ and then gleefully spend their time speculating about sexualities and judging based on stereotypes.

“I hope all those people are embarrassed as F***. Kit you are amazing.”

Olivia Colman, who plays the actor's mother on the Netflix series, also shared her support for the young star.

She said: “I am so proud of him, but I am not proud of how people bullied him.

“I think people should be allowed to have their own journey. But I’m incredibly proud of him as a young man to deal with all of that and be in the spotlight. It’s unfair. But he’s amazing. He’s a very beautiful human being.”