Kit Harington Says He Was ‘Wrong’ to Complain About ‘Sexism Against Men’

Kit Harington Says He Was ‘Wrong’ to Complain About ‘Sexism Against Men’

Kit Harington is having second thoughts after complaining about sexism against men.

The “Game of Thrones” star told The Guardian that he regrets telling Sunday Times Magazine last year that “there’s a sexism that happens towards men.” The comments to the Times were in the context of the actor saying he has felt demeaned when asked to take off his shirt.

“I was wrong there, though,” he said to The Guardian. “Sexism against men is not something I should have really said. I think what I meant was, being objectified. At that time, I did feel objectified, and now I’ve learned how to control that.”

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He explained that he has learned to avoid demeaning situations by “just shutting it down. Look, I do think men can get objectified. I do feel I have been objectified in the past, sexually as well, in pieces that have been written about me.”

The actor pointed out he doesn’t feel that his situation is comparable to what women face, in light of numerous allegations of sexual harassment and assault against such Hollywood figures as Harvey Weinstein.

“Has that made me feel uncomfortable in the past? Yes,” Harington said about being objectified. “Do I think my position is the same as a woman’s in society? No. They’re very different things, and I should have separated them. I was wrong.”

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