'Knock at the Cabin' Blu-ray Clip

Writer-director M. Night Shyamalan and actor Jonathan Groff talk about the film's first-time movie star, Wen Kristen Cui.

Video transcript

JONATHAN GROFF: It's, really, her first time acting and her first movie, and we all are conscious of wanting it to be a great experience for her and wanting her to have a good time.

KRISTEN CUI: I felt like it was going to take so long, and then I was like, yes, I don't-- I can escape school. That's the basic feeling of having a long time escaping school.

BEN ALDRIDGE: She's amazing. It's been incredible to work with her and get to know her, and I think about the first day that we spent together. We were all a little shy of each other, and it's just like, she's so surprising, and entertaining, and really funny, and really smart.

KRISTEN CUI: He's been helping me out on set, and I've been-- like, I skate, you know? And then I actually-- he skated once with me, and then I really just helped him a lot.

- That group, the three of them were very much a family, Jonathan, Kristen, and Ben. It was magic to see. They just wanted to be around each other, and they did hang out with each other. They'd go ice skating and doing this, and they were a family. So very lucky that they found each other and that we all found each other.