You Know Her as the 'Voice of TikTok' — and Now Kat Callaghan Wants to Help You Relax

Kat Callaghan, radio host and the voice of "Jessie" on TikTok, has partnered with the Calm app to release a Sleep Story

<p>Mick Oakley Courtesy of Kat Callaghan</p>

Mick Oakley Courtesy of Kat Callaghan

The “Voice of TikTok” is now on the Calm app.

Kat Callaghan, known for being the real person behind the text-to-speech voice “Jessie” on TikTok, revealed her identity last year, and since then, she tells PEOPLE that “so much has changed.”

“I'm always behind a mic. That's just kind of me,” says the 37-year-old radio host and voiceover artist. “One of the reasons why I didn't let people know at first was because once I told people, obviously you can't take it back. But that said, I didn't think people would care that much.”

After releasing a video last year about being Jessie, Callaghan began discussing how she feels about being “TikTok’s voice.”

“One of the misconceptions people have is that I am recording as people are posting things, and that's obviously not true,” she says. “People can type anything they want in there and have the voices be used to say those words."

"Even if I personally would never say it, something quite negative or rude, it's that person's channel," she adds. "They are expressing themselves. And that's how I like to think of it."

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For Callaghan, part of being Jessie means hearing her voice constantly  — which would be "terrible" if she actually sounded like that in real life.

“I don't like listening to my voice for too long, but Jessie being so different from the natural way I speak makes it a little bit better," she shares, explaining that even if "it's annoying me" at least she knows "I don't actually sound like that."

"Because there's a bit of a separation between Kat and Jessie, it makes things a little bit easier," she adds.

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Revealing her true identity has also allowed Callaghan new and exciting opportunities. “I've had the opportunity to do some really cool stuff, and the Calm Sleep Story is definitely one of those things," she says.

<p>Mick Oakley Courtesy of Kat Callaghan</p>

Mick Oakley Courtesy of Kat Callaghan

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Partnering with Calm, Callaghan narrated a Sleep Story in the voice of Jessie, titled Once Upon A TikTok Tale, which was released on August 29.

The radio host tells PEOPLE she was “very eager” to work on this project. “I'd heard from so many people saying that they find my voice comforting," she says.

“It's a voice that they recognize and helps them not feel so lonely. It's a voice that people listen to before they fall asleep, or maybe when they wake up or when they just want to be taken away from their everyday regular stress or just learn about simple hacks in the world or whatever it is," she says. "It's the voice that kind of connects them.”

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Now that the Sleep Story has been released, Callaghan is looking forward to what is next in her career.

“I'd love to do some more animation. And I have been chatting with people about that,” Callaghan says. “And honestly, whatever else, I welcome all kinds of things in my voiceover career. I love collaborating and figuring out different ways that I can lend my voice to other projects.”

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