What we know about terror suspect Daniel Khalife’s prison escape

Here is how terror suspect Daniel Khalife’s escape from Wandsworth prison unfolded:

7.32am Wednesday September 6 – Khalife escapes from HMP Wandsworth in south London while clinging to the bottom of a lorry.

The 21-year-old ex-soldier is awaiting trial for allegedly planting a fake bomb at an RAF base and gathering information that might be useful to terrorists or enemies of the UK.

Daniel Khalife prison escape
Police believe Khalife escaped by strapping himself to the underside of a BidFood lorry (Lucy North/PA)

He straps himself to the underside of a BidFood delivery vehicle after leaving the prison kitchen.

Police are looking into whether the pre-planned escape could have been an inside job.

Khalife is dressed in a prison chef’s uniform – red and white gingham trousers, a short-sleeved white T-shirt and sturdy brown shoes.

Daniel Khalife prison escape
The chef’s clothing and footwear that Daniel Khalife was wearing following his escape from HMP Wandsworth (Metropolitan Police/PA)

He is spotted around a mile-and-a-half away from the prison by a member of the public who sees him climbing out from under the vehicle at the junction of Trinity Road and Swandon Way at the Wandsworth roundabout.

He heads towards Wandsworth town centre.

7.50am – Khalife is declared missing, with police notified at 8.15am.

Daniel Khalife prison escape
Daniel Abed Khalife has sparked a major manhunt after escaping from jail (Metropolitan Police/PA)

8.37am – The lorry is stopped on Upper Richmond Road, near the junction of Carlton Drive.

CCTV footage later emerged of the lorry driving along a road in London after it had left the prison.

Police have suggested Khalife – who is slim, 6ft 2in, with short brown hair – is likely to have discarded his chef’s uniform and could be wearing different clothes including other prison-issued garments.

The manhunt is focused on the London area and other parts of the UK, but police remain open minded about whether Khalife has already fled the country. They are being supported by the Border Force.

There is a £20,000 reward for information about his whereabouts.

Police have said there is no reason to believe Khalife poses a threat to the public but urged people not to approach him if they spot him and to call 999.