'Kong: Skull Island' director 'almost killed' in Vietnam nightclub brawl

Ben Arnold
Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Credit: Rex)
Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Credit: Rex)

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of Kong: Skull Island, has revealed that he was ‘almost killed’ in a violent attack at a nightclub in Vietnam.

He suffered sustained contusions, a fractured skull, a cerebral air pocket, and haemorrhaging, spending 10 days in hospital following the attack, and says that he may still face the possibility of permanent brain damage.

Speaking to GQ magazine, he said: “This was not a fight. I was almost killed as were others. This was a f**king assault by insane gangsters.”

Vogt-Roberts fell in love with Vietnam and moved to Saigon full-time after shooting the movie, and was at a nightclub called XOXO when the assault happened in September last year.

The account in GQ describes CCTV footage of the incident as ‘almost too violent to watch’.

“In the opening shot, a rabbinically bearded man (Vogt-Roberts) sets a champagne flute on his VIP nightclub table and hands his iPhone to a woman,” it reads.

“While she looks at the screen, a tall guy with an expensive-looking haircut walks up and grabs the bearded man’s shoulder. He turns around and about a dozen bodies swarm him, landing punches, flipping tables, throwing glasses, bludgeoning him while he curls on the ground. The scene – one continuous, unbearable ten-minute take – ends with as many as nine mauled clubgoers on the floor.”

“As a director, I love violent movies,” Vogt-Roberts says of the assault.

“And I love fight scenes. But after I watched that s**t, I was just in f**king shock.

“I remember I wasn’t being an a**hole. I remember I wasn’t instigating. I remember getting punched in the f**king side of the face. But you never f**king know. You’re out at a f**king nightclub.”

Luckily, Vogt-Roberts was with friend and stuntman Ilram Choi, who was Skull Island’s stunt choreographer and also double for Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man movies, who managed to break up the headlock the director was in and drag him to safety.

Vogt-Roberts, who was hit in the head with a bottle during the fight and has since moved back to the US to continue his treatment and recovery, has been conducting his own investigation into the attack.

By piecing together the night in question, he believes his assailants to be a group of Canadian-Vietnamese drug traffickers who are still wanted in Canada.

The full, enthralling story can be found here…

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