Kraft Souplings Pair Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup In Dumpling Form

Kraft Grilled Cheese and Tomato Souplings
Kraft Grilled Cheese and Tomato Souplings - Kraft / Businesswire

Just in time for chilly winter nights, Kraft Singles and chef Shirley Chung have collaborated on a limited-time run of grilled cheese and tomato soup dumplings. These ultra-gooey morsels combine the age-old beloved flavor combo into one-bite "Souplings."

In this reimagination of a classic soup dumpling, the tomato soup and gooey cheese are tucked neatly inside the dumpling wrapper in a Chinese-American culinary fusion. As Chung notes in an official press release, "I love marrying traditional, authentic Chinese cuisine in new and progressive American ways." She saw dumplings as a great vehicle to achieve that with tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Chef Shirley Chung has worked under Thomas Keller and Guy Savoy and as the Executive Chef at China Poblano by Jose Andres. In addition to being the Season 14 "Top Chef" runner-up, she appeared on the Food Network's "Tournament of Champions" and has been a featured chef at the James Beard House. In other words, Chef Chung knows her stuff, and she's serving the new Souplings for a limited time at Ms Chi Café, her Culver City, C.A. restaurant. (The Los Angeles Times even named Ms. Chi on "The Best Dumplings in Los Angeles" list.) Foodies outside of California can try the Souplings for themselves by ordering online via A 16-pack runs for $89.95 and ships for free frozen on dry ice. Per the website, each dumpling weighs about 1.2 ounces and the 16-pack serves two to four people.

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The First Convenient Way To Bring Grilled Cheese Soup Dumplings Home

Chef Shirley Chung with Kraft Souplings
Chef Shirley Chung with Kraft Souplings - Kraft / Businesswire

Notably, Kraft's creation may be a new comfort food option, but it's far from a new idea. In fact, the concept isn't that different from a Pizza Roll. Fellow California restaurateur Chef Daniel Kotz of Beauty & Essex in Hollywood has already been making grilled-cheese-tomato-soup dumplings for a while now.vIn fact, the restaurant's three locations collectively crank out an estimated 800,000 grilled cheese soup dumplings every single year. Internet foodie Josh Elkin did a video about homemade grilled cheese tomato soup dumplings back in April 2022. The Babish Culinary Universe did it, too.

So what might set this new dish apart from the others like it? Kraft's version seems to be the first convenience-friendly option of its kind. Othervgrilled cheese and tomato soup dumpling predecessors have been the laborious fruit of much labor by home cooks. Kraft's bad boys can just be reheated to enjoy (if you can digest the $90 price tag).

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