'Kraven The Hunter': Aaron Taylor-Johnson shares update

Aaron Taylor-Johnson says he was happy to do another Sony movie after completing work on Bullet Train.

Bullet Train is in cinemas nationwide from 3 August.

Video transcript

STEFAN PAPE: [INAUDIBLE] go onto the radar of certain producers for the lead in "Kraven the Hunter" off the back of this. I was wondering, is that something actors bear in mind when taking projects, the idea is that this could lead on to something that could be people watching? I think about footballers when they're playing football. There was always that idea if they play well, they might get that move to another club. Is that something that ever plays on the mind of an actor, knowing there could be people watching and taking note?

AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON: Listen, everyone's taking-- always taking note. You know, like, I think you always want to come to work and do the best job you can. And, you know, and you turn up as a professional and, you know, you be respectful. And, you know, and-- and you always hope that you can keep those relationships going. If you had a-- we had a wonderful time making this movie.


AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON: Had the best cast.


AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON: Amazing director, David Leitch. And-- and Sony have been incredibly supportive of this movie. And we're excited about this movie and really proud of it. And I'm-- and I was very fortunate to do another Sony movie that I'm also very excited about. So it's nice to be a part of the same family or people that believe in you or support you. And that's kind of nice to know.


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