Kristen Wiig’s Old Dressing Room Is Ruined by New Castmembers in ‘SNL’ Promo

Kristen Wiig finds herself in for a rude awakening in this week’s Saturday Night Live promo, when she discovers her old dressing room has been ruined by the show’s new talent.

“I’m finally home,” Wiig says in the promo as she walks down the halls of Studio 8H, where she worked as a castmember from 2005 to 2012.

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“The best part of being home returning to your childhood bedroom — or in my case, dressing room,” she continues, adding that executive producer Lorne Michaels “promised they’d always leave it just the way I left it.”

As she approaches the room, Wiig muses that she can’t wait to “see all my old wigs” and “my favorite costumes,” but when she opens the door, she finds her things tossed haphazardly into boxes to make room for a mess caused by current inhabitants of the dressing room — SNL featured players Michael Longfellow and Devon Walker.

On a grimy couch in the corner, Wiig finds Longfellow and Walker playing video games.

“Hey, Kristine. Lorne said we could have your room,” Longfellow tells Wiig, misremembering her name. “You like what we did with the place?” Walker asks.

In a voiceover, Wiig says, “It’s going to be a long week. Mama’s back.” She takes her box of things as she leaves the room, to which Walker says, “Oh thank you! She took the trash out. Thank you for that Kristine.”

Wiig will host SNL this week with musical guest Raye and will join the coveted Five-Timers Club.

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