Kylo Ren could become more like Darth Vader in Star Wars 8

It looks as though Kylo Ren hasn’t dropped his Darth Vader obsession…

According to the folks at MakingStarWars, the upcoming ‘Star Wars’ sequel will see Kylo Ren continue with his Darth Vader obsession… to the point of taking on even more of his grandfather’s look.

“According to sources, Kylo Ren is wearing a Darth Vader cape in Star Wars: Episode VIII,” they revealed. “The cape is said to be like the one Darth Vader wears in The Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi. However, the cape does not have the same chain clasp.”

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But is it actually Darth Vader’s cape?

“It is not entirely clear if this cape is one Kylo made to resemble that of his grandfather’s or if he actually procured one of Darth Vader’s capes that probably fell into the hands of collectors in the Star Wars galaxy.”

Personally, I love the thought of Kylo Ren sat down at a sewing machine knocking out his latest Darth Vader cosplay… but I can’t help thinking it’s probably one of Vader’s actual capes. After all, he already procured the iconic Vader helmet, and we’ve seen the lengths he will go to get his hands on Vader’s lightsaber.

“It is not outside the realm of possibility in that universe that Kylo Ren got his dirty, Han Solo-murdering hands on an original cape once owned by Darth Vader,” they added. “But it should be made clear that we are not certain what the backstory to the cape is or if it is a replica or an original.”

Of course, for now this is just a rumour… but it’s a rather cool one.

And we can’t help thinking a Vader-style cloak would look awesome.

‘Star Wars 8’ heads to cinemas on 15 December 2017.

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Picture Credit: Lucasfilm