Landscape Photographer of the Year: Stunning photos show scenes across the UK

These incredible photos show some of the spectacular scenes captured by photographers as part of the annual Landscape Photographer of the Year competition.

Photographers from across the country submitted images from wildlife to stormy waves, as well as cityscapes and ‘winter wonderland’ style scenes.

Hundreds of the entries have now been published as part of a new coffee-table book to showcase the 13th year of the competition.

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The overall winner of the 2020 competition, whose photo stands in pride of place on the first page of the book, was Chris Frost, whose early-morning shot of Woolland Woods in Dorset shows a blanket of mist rolling over a bank of white wild garlic.

Frost said: “This was taken on my third visit to the area in the same matter of days. On the previous days, both devoid of morning mists, the light had been harsh and unappealing.

“But the third day delivered stunning conditions with mist swirling through the trees.”

The book Landscape Photographer of the Year: Collection 13, published by AA Publishing, is out now, priced £26.

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