LAPD investigates Ed Westwick rape claims

Ben Arnold

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating claims by actress Kristina Cohen that she was raped by ‘Gossip Girl’ actor Ed Westwick in 2014.

A complaint against Westwick was filed yesterday at the LAPD’s Hollywood Division, according to Deadline which saw a copy of the police report.

Cohen posted a detailed account of the incident in a post on Facebook on November 6.

She said that she went to Westwick’s apartment three years ago with a man she was seeing – since identified as Australian producer Kaine Harling – who was a friend of Westwick’s.

It was after she went to take a nap in his guest room that she awoke, claiming that Westwick was on top of her. She alleges that he then held her down and raped her.

Westwick has denied the claims, posting on his Instagram page: “I do not know this woman. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape.”

Friends of Cohen have corroborated her story, and told Deadline that she was warned by Harling not to tell anyone about it afterwards, because they wouldn’t believe her, and it could end her career.

Cohen added in her post that ‘it was a dark time in my life. My mom was dying of cancer and I didn’t have the support system or time to process and deal with the aftermath of the rape. I buried my pain and guilt to make space for the onslaught that came after my mom’s death, just three months later’.

Former child actor Blaise Godbe Lipman, who recently hit headlines alleging he was sexually harassed and assaulted by Hollywood talent agent Tyler Grasham, told Deadline: “She came over to my home the following morning and told me everything. She was in a state of shock. It was without a doubt a rape.”

“I have been very supportive of her coming forward after I came forward with my story,” he added. “She was a huge support for me when I was dealing with that.”

Cohen’s sister Katalina Colgate also says that she was told about the incident.

“Very shortly after it happened, she told me that she was raped. She told me and my other sister. I was furious,” she said.

“[Harling] told her not to say anything because Ed has a lot of money and resources and no one would believe her,” Lipman added.

“He said she could kiss her acting career goodbye because nobody would believe her. She was pressured to keep quite and keep her mouth shut.”

Cohen told Deadline: “It’s been an absolute rollercoaster going through this, but I know that I’m serving the greater good and that it’s for the collective of all of us to have a voice and to create radical change in the industry. I want to deliver a message of restoration for all the women going through this, and to show that we can heal our relationships with men and women.”

Harling has not yet commented on the matter.

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