Larry David Absolutely Loses It On 'Little Baby' Trump: 'Such A Sick Man'

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” star Larry David tore into “sociopath” Donald Trump for refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election and everything the former president has put the country through since.

In a clip from Friday’s episode of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace,” Wallace asked David: “How much has the whole 2020 election and everything that has flowed from it pissed you off?”

That set David off on a tear, his voice rising as he spoke:

“You can’t go a day without thinking about what he’s done to this country because he’s such a little baby that he’s thrown 250 years of democracy out the window by not accepting the results of the ― I mean, it’s so crazy, he’s such a sociopath, he’s so insane, he just couldn’t admit to losing. And we know he lost. He knows he lost. And look how he’s fooled everybody, he’s convinced all these people that he didn’t lose. He’s such a sick man. He’s so sick.”

Then, David finally got around the answering Wallace’s question.

“Anyway, no, it hasn’t impacted me at all,” he said with a laugh.

David has lampooned Trump more than a few times on “Curb” over the years, mocking the former president’s signature red hats during a memorable 2020 episode and doing his own take on Trump’s mug shot earlier this year, during the show’s final season.

His full interview with Wallace airs on Friday. Check out the teaser clip from CNN below: