The Latest Ad For ‘The Nun’ Is So Scary, YouTube Removed It

Anthony D'Alessandro

They say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and in the case of New Line’s upcoming The Nunthat can be said about a recent viral stunt for the film which was deemed too inappropriate for YouTube.

A ‘jump-scare’ tease for The Conjuring spinoff, which opens on Sept. 7, triggered too many complaints from Twitter users, that YouTube took notice and reportedly removed the video. The ad does live on in the YouTube-verse, and you can take a look at it below. The video features a volume button declining before a Nun pops up and screams. The following ad ran prior to other videos loading up.  Warner Bros. provided no comment in response to YouTube slapping its knuckles with a ruler.

Given all the shocking videos that kids under 12 can come across on YouTube, it’s confusing why they picked on New Line’s The Nun. Jump-scare videos are a de rigueur form of marketing for horror films. One of the more notable ones executed was by Lionsgate eight years ago for The Last Exorcism on Chatroulette where they showed a young woman, trying to allure guys, who then morphed into a screaming face (See below). YouTube has been criticized for not enforcing, and being slow to enforce, a hard-and-fast set of criteria for the content on its site, which has included porn, gun modification tutorials and suicide (remember Logan Paul and the suicide forest?). In addition, film piracy sites use YouTube extensively.

As far as The Nun goes, YouTube responded to one Twitter handle whose tweet was retweeted 132K times, saying that the ad violates their “shocking content policy”.


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