Laura Tobin reveals future plans for TV career away from Good Morning Britain

Laura Tobin has been the weathergirl on Good Morning Britain for a decade credit:Bang Showbiz
Laura Tobin has been the weathergirl on Good Morning Britain for a decade credit:Bang Showbiz

Laura Tobin wants to present more shows about climate change.

The 42-year-old meteorologist has been a part of ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' since its inception in 2014 and while she "loves" her job, she would also like to branch out and work on other programmes.

She told "I love it! I mean, I get to tell people the weather every day, and then I have like a little segment every day where I can talk about something else.

“Whether it's like a climate report, whether it's the Northern Lights, whether it's extreme rainfall around the world - for me, weather forecasting is my first love - it’s my bread and butter, it’s what I do.

"If I can, like, jot in all of these extra bits, you know, sprinkles of science while people are having their breakfast that make it interesting - it’s a dream scenario.

"I'd love to do more shows talking about climate change. I’ve done some stuff with the Tonight Team looking at the multi-benefits if you want to change your diet - one thing people can do to reduce the impact of climate change is reducing food waste."

Laura works alongside the likes of Charlotte Hawkins, Adil Ray, Richard Madeley and used to feature along Ben Shephard - who now hosts 'This Morning' with Cat Deeley - and insisted that she has the "best job in the world" because of her colleagues.

She added: I literally have the best job in the world. Charlotte [Hawkins] and Adil [Ray] just came over. And yeah, we just have a laugh every single day. And we're always seeing Ben walking down the corridor - so it’s like he’s not even gone - we see him all the time! I mean, I feel we have like a big cast of presenters and everyone just brings something different when they present. For me, I love having Richard Madeley, because he's a big space geek.

"There was a big comet going through the sky, and he was like, ‘Laura, Laura, Laura!’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I've got my fellow science geek! But, obviously, Martin Lewis - he loves a graph - he’s the only person who brings a graph to the show, other than me. Everyone brings something different."