Lawyer For Dancers Suing Lizzo Calls Out Her 'I Quit' Post: ‘It’s A Joke’

The legal drama between Lizzo and three of her former backup dancers continues.

The “Truth Hurts” singer, who was sued last summer for alleged sexual harassment, fostering a hostile work environment and related behavior, announced Friday she was tired of “being dragged” — and concluded her cryptic Instagram post by stating simply: “I QUIT.”

Ron Zambrano, who represents dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez, told multiple media outlets Monday “it’s a joke that Lizzo would say she is being bullied by the internet when she should instead be taking an honest look at herself.”

“Her latest post is just another outburst seeking attention and trying to deflect from her own failings as she continues to blame everyone else for the predicament she is in,” he continued. “Lizzo’s legal and public relations strategy is a failure, so she is desperately trying to play the victim.

Lizzo was accused in the initial filing in August of physically threatening, weight-shaming and sexually harassing the plaintiffs.

The Grammy-winning singer, whose image exudes fun and body positivity, denied the allegations at the time. She then requested to have the suit dismissed in October and partially succeeded when a judge tossed several of the allegations in February.

“She has thrown these childish tantrums before,” Zambrano said in his statement Monday. “No one actually believes she is quitting music. But she should quit sexually harassing, shaming and bullying her employees and finally accept responsibility for her actions.”

Lizzo didn’t elucidate Friday whether she intends to “quit” music or social media, but reportedly claimed in June she was close to “giving up” over being body-shamed. In September, she accepted a humanitarian award with her new dancers behind her on stage.

Lizzo won the 2023 Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award from the Black Music Action Coalition.
Lizzo won the 2023 Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award from the Black Music Action Coalition. Chris Pizzello/Associated Press

Stefan Friedman, a spokesperson for Lizzo, addressed Zambrano in a statement Monday.

“With nearly half his case dismissed, 18 independent witnesses siding with Lizzo and no settlement on the way to get him his tasty contingency fee, Ron has started making wild personal attacks that have absolutely nothing to do with the clients,” he told Billboard.

While Friedman went on to “humbly recommend” he start acting in the best interest of his clients, Zambrano suggested in his statement that their suit concerns widespread “celebrity toxicity” in the entertainment industry — and that “the entire industry is in for a reckoning.”

Lizzo appealed February’s ruling in hopes of having more of it dismissed. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark H. Epstein reportedly put the case on hold as the singer continues to challenge it.