LeAnn Rimes Just Revealed Her Unusual Backstage Demand

LeAnn Rimes has been performing for decades, so it makes sense that the "Blue" singer, now 41, has preferences for her pre-show routine. Like many celebrities, she has a rider that requests certain items like snacks and beverages in her dressing room before a performance.

Some singers have become famous for their outrageous demands (Van Halen notoriously requested a bowl of M&Ms with all of the brown candies removed), but we're willing to bet LeAnn is the only celebrity with this particular request, and it is very wholesome.

LeAnn explained, "I have officially asked for a rocking chair on my rider. And it's because I'm now 41. No, I'm just kidding. It's because when I'm home and I'm working on vocal stuff or, like, warming up, I'll sit on a bouncy ball...I figured the next best thing when I'm out here is to find a rocking chair. It's really good to keep my mind off of focusing on things too much."

LeAnn continues with a catchy "Rate My Rocker" theme song as she evaluates chairs from her tour stops in Skokie, Illinois, and Lafayette and Nashville, Indiana. (Spoiler alert: So far, Lafayette is in the lead with an 8 out of 10.) She also thanked the people who tracked down the chairs for her.

LeAnn captioned the post, "for those of you who are as invested in the backstage rocking chairs as i am, welcome to… 'rate my rocker' let’s see what this weekend has in store 😂✨"

Fans left comments calling her request the "best idea ever." Another commenter said, "a rocking chair would 100% be on my rider 🤘🪑"

LeAnn's "the story so far" tour continues through November, and then she'll hit the road for "Joy: The Holiday Tour."

We can't wait to see how the rocking chairs measure up.

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