Leary: Spider-Man felt like indie

Denis Leary has revealed making summer blockbuster The Amazing Spider-Man felt more like a small independent movie.

The Ice Age star plays police officer Captain George Stacy in the new movie, directed by 500 Days Of Summer's Mark Webb, with Andrew Garfield taking the lead as the eponymous superhero.

Denis told Collider: "I spoke to Mark first before I read anything - and I'm not a Spider-Man guy, I'm more of a Batman guy, my wife's a big Spider-Man fan. I knew Mark's first film and it didn't make sense to me that he was directing this big blockbuster and I didn't understand why they would be reinventing Spider-Man, but I didn't care, I wanted to talk to Mark because I liked his movie.

"I spoke to him on the phone for about half an hour and he was very detailed about what he wanted to do and why he wanted me."

Denis went on: "I read (the script) and everything he had talked about which was darker and deeper, he was talking like we could've been making this small indie movie that was about acting, and so I looked at the script and thought, 'This is a pretty interesting approach to a giant summertime blockbuster movie, and he was pretty much true to his word, even when we were doing the big action sequences we were always talking about characters and character arcs and all that stuff.

"It felt like we were making a little movie even though we were making this gigantic seven hundred gazillion dollar thing."

Denis, 54, also joked that he wished he'd been more involved in the merchandising for the movie.

"I wish I owned a piece of the toys but I don't, because that's where the real money is in these things," he said.

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