LeBron James hilariously takes shot at Bryan Colangelo's alleged burner Twitter accounts

Ryan Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor
LeBron James hilariously took a shot at Bryan Colangelo and his alleged use of burner Twitter accounts at a press conference on Saturday. (Getty Images)

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert tweeted out a series of explanations — as he sees it — as to why the Cavaliers made it to their fourth-straight NBA Finals ahead of Game 1 on Thursday night.

LeBron James, who Gilbert credited first, was asked about his thoughts on the tweets on Saturday afternoon ahead of Game 2 of the series against the Golden State Warriors.

James quickly responded saying he hadn’t seen them, and that he isn’t currently on social media — which is probably a smart move for someone in his situation.

He didn’t let the opportunity go to waste, though.

“It was his account though, right?” James asked at the press conference, taking an obvious and playful shot at Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo.

Colangelo, in a report from Ben Detrick of The Ringer on Tuesday, was linked to five Twitter accounts that were used to criticize players, coaches, league executives and disclose sensitive team information. He has denied those allegations and is currently under investigation, something that is expected to wrap up quickly.

Naturally, Colangelo has been the butt of the joke over the past several days on social media — and even from one fan sitting behind home plate at a Phillies game.

James is just the latest to cash in on it, reminding the basketball world that even though he’s in the midst of his eighth-straight NBA Finals, he’s still got jokes.

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