LeBron James’, Maverick Carter’s and Paul Rivera’s The Shop Grooming Line Launches at Walmart

The Shop has landed.

The men’s grooming line, developed by LeBron James’ and Maverick Carter’s The SpringHill Company alongside Parlux, is now available in an estimated 1,600 Walmart doors.

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“The initial inspiration for the line was what we, ourselves, wanted to see from men’s grooming,” said Paul Rivera, cocreator of The Shop, adding that the development process began with a roundtable discussion featuring TSHC team members of all seniority levels to assess white space in the market. “We had everyone from interns to LeBron — old, young, white, Black — a very diverse group. And we realized, ‘Hey, there are a lot of young people intimidated by the space — so what should that men’s grooming journey look like?'”

Comprising seven skin, hair and beard care products, including aftershave-toner, styling pomade and shave and beard creams priced at $10 or less, the line is an offshoot of TSHC’s Emmy Award-winning show “The Shop,” which first debuted in 2018. Now in the midst of airing its seventh season on YouTube — guests of which have so far included Nelly, Tiffany Haddish and Michael Rubin — the show aims to offer wide-ranging perspectives in discussions of entertainment, sports, politics and community.

LeBron James for The Shop.
LeBron James for The Shop.

“That feeling of being in a barbershop, having conversations with people from all walks of life — it’s nostalgic, it’s a feeling a lot of people can relate to,” Carter said. “As the show really turned into a brand, we realized we can translate that same feeling into product.”

Added Lori Singer, Parlux president: “The Shop is fueling demand in the market for men’s grooming needs…We feel this initial offering will be broadly adopted, and we will continue to innovate and evolve The Shop’s range as we grow.”

While neither Walmart nor The Shop would comment on sales expectations for the launch, industry sources estimate the line could do $10 million in first-year sales. The line joins Drake’s Better World Fragrance House and Billie Eilish’s fragrances, among other brands, within the Parlux portfolio, for which The Shop marks a first grooming foray.

The Shop, inspired by TSHC's show of the same name, features seven grooming products at launch.
The Shop, inspired by TSHC’s show of the same name, features seven grooming products at launch.

“Parlux has been an incredible partner in leading us in their areas of expertise, while still allowing us to be authentically The Shop, and that has been the filter for all of the brand’s communication, look, feel and tone,” Rivera said.

In terms of the long-term vision for the vegan, cruelty-free line, “we want to continue to be intentional — there needs to be a use case for everything, whether it’s something you can use when you’re traveling or something that’s good in the wintertime — any products we add need to feel additive to that consumer journey.”

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