Leeds monster raped two partners and controlled them through cocaine-fuelled violence

The 30-year-old bully was given a lengthy jail sentence. (library pic by National World)
The 30-year-old bully was given a lengthy jail sentence. (library pic by National World)

One of his victims, whose impact statement was read out at Leeds Crown Court, said she “felt like a hostage” of the twisted bully after he moved into her home.

The 30-year-old from south-east Leeds, who cannot be named to protect the identities of his victims, was jailed for more than 15 years today.

Prosecutor Soheil Khan said he began a relationship with the first victim in June 2018, telling her he had his own business and was “charming at first”. But she said his demeanour quickly soured and she said she would just try to “get through the day without him kicking off”.

He smoked cannabis heavily and would take cocaine daily. He would continually demand her money and she even took items to Cash Converters to sell in order to give him more money for drugs.

He would go through her phone, confiscated her passport and followed her from room to room asking her questions. On one occasion he stamped on her and dragged her around the house. He raped her while she was in the shower before verbally abusing her, calling her a “sl*g”.

After she eventually plucked up the courage to leave him, he sent her months of abusive messages.

It was only after he met another woman in June of 2020 did the messages stop. Again he lied to this woman about having his own business and like the previous relationship, was charming at the start.

But he quickly became possessive and jealous, even making her write down a list of previous boyfriends. He would lock her in the house, punched her and threw her into a mirror as her children were in the house.

He raped her on one occasion and justified it by her telling her: “I’m your boyfriend.” He was interviewed by police several times throughout 2021, denying the rapes and said he only acted in self defence.

He was charged with two counts of rape and two of coercive and controlling behaviour, but only changed his pleas to guilty just hours into his trial. He also admitted additional charges of dangerous driving and driving while over the drug-drive limit for cannabis for an unrelated matter when he drove off from police in Batley and crashed after a brief chase.

He has three previous convictions for seven offences.

Victim impact statements from the women were read out in court. One said: “What I thought was love, turned out to be a hostage situation. He took over my home and my life. He chipped away at me. It was impossible to get away from him. I remember the panic that would set in when I could see his mood darken.”

Mitigating, Vincent Blake-Barnard said: “There is acceptance of the trauma he has caused. It was clearly unacceptable.”

A pre-sentence report suggested that he was suffering from cocaine-induced paranoia, but Judge Clark pointed out it was an aggravating, rather than a mitigating factor.

Judge Clark jailed him for 12 year and nine months, with a two-year extended licence period. He was also given 10 months to serve consecutive for the dangerous driving.