Leftover Meatloaf Makes An Unexpectedly Delicious Breakfast

Meatloaf hash and fried eggs on plate at breakfast table
Meatloaf hash and fried eggs on plate at breakfast table - Nzphotonz/Getty Images

Meatloaf is a modern classic which, no matter how often it is maligned, passed over in favor of other meat dishes for being considered too dry or just outdated, seems to always survive. What gives this preparation its staying power? It could be nostalgia for so many who grew up with meatloaf on the family dinner table. It could be the kitsch factor — now occasionally served with ketchup and a side of irony. Or, it could be that it's actually delicious when made well, with thought and care.

Another explanation? Meatloaf's seemingly endless adaptability. This is a dish that inspires a thousand iterations. It can be spun to suit just about any craving and flavor profile and served in its classic form or transformed into so many other totally new innovations.

And while this is a dish typically found on the dinner table, you won't want to sleep through breakfast when you hear how to turn meatloaf into your favorite new morning meal. If you need a starting point for daybreak inspiration, try making a skillet hash or quiche with last night's 'loaf.

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Meatloaf In The Morning

Quiche on wooden table with wedge piece
Quiche on wooden table with wedge piece - MariaKovaleva/Shutterstock

Breakfast is such a welcoming mealtime. You might prefer pastries and coffee if you lean toward a sweet tooth, or eggs with bacon and cheese if savory is more your style. If you fall into the latter category, these quiche and skillet hash leftover meatloaf ideas are for you.

In both cases, you'll want to start by chopping or crumbling up slices of your leftover meatloaf. For a quiche, arrange the meatloaf bits in your baking dish. From there, you can make your favorite recipe from scratch, or if you need an impossibly easy quiche fix, grab a box biscuit mix like Bisquick. Once you have your filling ready to go, pour it over your crumbled meatloaf and proceed with your usual method. In the case of skillet hash, simply toss your leftover loaf pieces in a frying pan and any additions you prefer (like peppers, onions, or potatoes). When you reach your desired level of doneness, serve with a perfect sunny-side-up fried egg on top and change your diner-style breakfast game forever.

More Ideas For Leftover Meatloaf At Breakfast

Skillet with hash and fried eggs
Skillet with hash and fried eggs - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

These two dishes are a great starting point, and you can customize further from there. To your quiche, add herbs like basil, sage, rosemary, or thyme and spices like curry, nutmeg, or cayenne for a kick. Vary your vegetables or amp up the garlic levels. For your hash, swap russets for sweet potatoes, add apple for a little fruity brightness, or drizzle a touch of honey to get a glaze effect.

When it comes to more breakfast ideas, a good rule of thumb is if you typically use sausage, a meatloaf substitution will likely work well. Meatloaf sandwiches are a classic way to enjoy the usual at lunch or dinner, so top a leftover slice with an egg and cheese for a BEC that will rival any corner deli's version in the early hours. Or, instead of placing the egg on top of your meatloaf, you can stuff it right inside by substituting the usual sausage and making a meatloaf scotch egg spin.

Alternatively, you can make a morning-themed meatloaf with oats, maple syrup, and crumbled-up breakfast sausage instead of traditional ground meat and serve that any time of day. No matter what method you choose, you won't have to lose sleep coming up with ideas for a creative meatloaf breakfast with your delicious leftovers.

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