LEGO is launching its biggest ever 'Jurassic World' Tyrannosaurus rex

Tom Butler
·Senior Editor

The biggest LEGO brick Tyrannosaurus rex set is making its way into LEGO stores from 19 June. Inspired by the Jurassic World franchise, this brand-new set features the original Jurassic Park gate and a large, fully posable, brick-built T. rex.

The huge dino measures more than 22cm high and 69cm long making this model LEGO’s biggest brick-built T. rex set ever. It also has snapping jaws, a posable head, arms, legs and tail.

The collectible set - available in stores and online from 19 June - is made from 3,120 pieces and includes six Minifigures: Dr. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Alan Grant, John Hammond, Ray Arnold, and Dennis Nedry as well as a baby dinosaur figure.

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It also features loads of fun easter eggs for fans of the Jurassic franchise which began in 1993 with Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. Hidden within the gates are a series of scenes from the film including the control room where Dr. Sattler finds an arm, a mud slide featuring a shaving cream can and a branch for Dennis Nedry to hang from. Additionally, found within the surrounding wall is a nest with two cracked dinosaur eggs inside, a bunker with a buildable bed for Dr. Malcolm, and John Hammonds’ dining room complete with a table and Minifigure chair.

75936 – LEGO Jurassic World Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage (RRP £219.99), is recommended for those aged 16+.