Let Hammy live in peace! Emotional-support pig faces eviction in Florida.

Hammy, an emotional-support pig, is facing eviction from his home. (Photo: Amanda Ober via Twitter)

Hamlet, lovingly referred to as Hammy, is a 200-pound emotional-support pig.

Stacey Fox of Orange County, Fla., got him when he was just a few months old and the two have been living in harmony for two years.

Unfortunately, city laws do not permit residents of single-family homes to keep swine on their property — and, according to WESH 2, authorities have told Fox that she needs to find Hammy a new home within two weeks.

Fox suffers from severe depression and bipolar disorder, and her pig is often the one who is able to help her out of her rough patches.

Before the pig entered her life, there were days where Fox could not even get out of bed. She has found that Hammy encourages her to get up and be active. 

On days when her depression is especially severe, Hamlet will lay in bed with her to comfort her. The devoted pig is litter-boxed trained.

According to some research, pigs are as smart as 3-year-old humans. They enjoy cuddling, and despite popular belief, they’re very clean. The adorable beasts are also capable of showing real compassion when they see another animal or human suffering — which often makes them the perfect emotional-support animal.

Fox and her husband presented their city officials with some documents, including three doctor letters, to make the case that Hammy should remain at their home.

Fox also cited the Federal Fair Housing Act to the local city council. The act prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and, in most cases, allows emotional-support animals.

According to city manager Dale Arrington, the city attorney is currently drafting a proposed ordinance that would go before city council for public hearings and a vote. Arrington says he is confident that Fox will get to keep Hammy.

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