Letitia Wright: I only pick roles progressive for my community

By Craig Simpson, PA

Letitia Wright said she never takes roles that do not advance the black community.

The Black Panther star has been named the best breakthrough actress at the Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards 2019.

Wright, 25, played Shuri in the blockbuster film, and was proud to offer an on-screen role model.

Letitia Wright wants progressive roles (Matt Crossick/PA)

The star said she never wants to take on roles that do not hep the cause of her community, despite being warned not to be so picky with her parts.

She told Harper’s Bazaar: “Early on, I would just say no if the roles weren’t progressive for myself or my community.

“You are told there’s not much for you. I just ignored it and I’m still ignoring it.

“I want to work with anyone who has something to say. If it’s meaningful and serves a purpose, I’m up for it.”

Wright found Black Panther to be meaningful, and is proud of the representation she provided on screen.

She believes the film also delivered a message to producers with doubts over casting black talents.

“After the premiere, it was overwhelming,” Wright said.

“I didn’t expect that response to the film. It was doing something that wasn’t done before and it represented the African diaspora.

“It also took the idea that an all-black cast cannot make this amount of money and slapped it in the face.”

The full interview can be read in Harper’s Bazaar on sale now.