The IFA should live up to the F in their name, ‘football’

An inquiry should be set up as to why the Irish Football Association (IFA) mysteriously and illogically advocated that Casement Park, in detriment to Windsor Park, be its choice to host the Uefa Euro 2028 finals.

Why did they not seek funding of around £10million to upgrade Windsor Park to meet Uefa requirements but instead promoted a derelict Casement Park, a potential commercial rival, which would cost taxpayers upwards of £100million to bring it up to standard?

The irony is that Casement Park may not even be rebuilt. There are huge health and safety problems, lack of parking facilities, and difficulties in getting to and coming from the ground without causing horrendous traffic jams.

The IFA could end up as a laughing stock.

Perhaps it is not all that mysterious given the history of the IFA since the rebuilding of Windsor Park. The then minister of sport seemed to me to try to block the rebuilding of it. Perhaps she did not want a rival to a revamped Casement Park, that was to be the biggest and best sporting stadium in Northern Ireland? Is this why the capacity of Windsor Park was curtailed at 18,000?

Another price to be paid for Windsor Park to be rebuilt was that the GAA would have an influence in the IFA.

Northern Ireland supporters are hoping that they will not find that jobs will be reserved for IFA administrators to help to run a new Casement Park. Watch this space.

A football official has stated that to play the Uefa finals at Casement Park would be of great benefit for local football. Really!

I believe that the IFA have walked into a trap orchestrated by GAA supporters within its ranks.

The geniuses at the IFA wholeheartedly supported the campaign for the national football stadium to be located at the Maze rather than at Windsor Park. Is this payback time?

You couldn't make it up.

The IFA should remember that the F in its name stands for football and they should not waste time and energy to sponsor another sport but rather concentrate on Windsor Park.

Alex Thompson,

Bangor, Co Down