Liam Gallagher says German police ripped his teeth out after infamous hotel brawl

Mike P Williams

Liam Gallagher is never far from a good controversy, but this bizarre theory he’s come up with after that infamous 2002 Oasis brawl in Germany paints quite the picture.

The Manchester-born singer, 45, shared an interesting version of the violent altercation in a Munich bar that saw him lose his front teeth. According to an interview with the Guardian, the gnashers of the Oasis frontman weren’t knocked out in the scuffle, but were forceably removed by angry German police with a pair of pliers.

‘I remember we were sitting at a table under a balcony, and our security guard just grabs us by the neck, drags us over the f*****g table, and the next minute, there’s a geezer on the balcony drops a f*****g glass table on our heads,’ Liam says, as he colourfully recalls the night.

He went on: ‘…but the security’s got us out of the way, or it could have f*****g killed us. And then it went off, man.’


According to reports around 80 police officers were called to the scene as a huge melee ensued, resulting in ‘much of the nightclub furniture being reduced to matchwood.’

Liam now makes the bold claim that it was in fact the police that did the damage to his mouth, saying they were ‘pulled out with pliers by the f*****g German police’ as a means of retaliation and while the star was unconscious.

‘If I was to hit you in the mouth, you’d think you’d have a fat lip, right? I didn’t have a fat lip. I was still fucking whistling while I worked, mate,’ he began.

‘Here’s what I think happened: it all went down after I kicked a copper at some point in the f*****g lobby, I think, because after that I woke up in the fucking nick. So I think they give me a whack over the head in the back of the f*****g van and I think they’ve just gone, ‘F**k you, you c**t’, later on. Because they were pulled out completely perfect. They were going: ‘Oh, as you were coming up the stairs, you tripped and they whacked on there.’ But they’d have broken, wouldn’t they? You don’t f*****g have them completely fall out like that. And I woke up in a prison cell, handcuffed, no teeth, but I could still’ – he whistles – ‘and no other marks on me. So I’m going: they f***** ripped them out because I did one of their geezers, that’s what happened there.’


At the time the fight was headline news. After assaulting a police officer (which he still admits to in the above), the singer could’ve been sentenced up to two years in prison for his role in the Saturday night brawl.

According to the band’s management, Liam and four of his entourage started an unprovoked attack that soon spilled out onto other guests’ tables and thus began a huge scrap that required police to step in. As a result, two of Oasis’ Germany shows were postponed after their management posted the £60,000 for the wild singer’s bail.

Despite a number of high profile, unsavoury incidents throughout his music career, fans seem to love his raw, honest approach to, well, everything. They even called for him to replace Theresa May as prime minister, after he waded in on the Brexit debate. We can only imagine what that’d be like.

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