Everything a Liberal Democrat government would ban

Will Taylor
News Reporter

Fracking, caged hens and the use of credit cards for gambling would all be banned under Liberal Democrat proposals.

The party said today it would end fracking - the controversial extraction of gas and oil from shale rock - “for good” and invest in generating 80% of electricity from renewables by 2030.

Protests and concerns about the practice’s safety and impact on communities have been raised in recent years.

Among other pledges in today’s manifesto, the Lib Dems would ban caged hens, the sale of real fur and prevent people keeping primates as pets.

It would end imports of hunting trophies where the hunting “does not contribute to environmental protection”.

Fracking has been fiercely opposed by environmental campaigners. (PA Images)

A Liberal Democrat government would also stop credit cards being used to pay for gambling and end “threatening” debt collection practices.

Non-recyclable single use plastics would also be banned, replaced with “affordable alternatives”, which the party says would be a first step towards ending the “throwaway culture”.

MPs would be prevented from accepting paid lobbying work, with the manifesto warning that the “foundations of our democratic way of life are under threat”.

Public agencies would be prevented from sharing personal information with the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

Housing hens in cages would be illegal under Lib Dem plans. (PA Images)

The party would also alter business rules to stop multinationals “unfairly” moving profits out of the country.

The Liberal Democrats’ 100-page manifesto, “Stop Brexit, Build A Brighter Future”, promises to end Brexit should it win a majority government in the general election, or otherwise fight for a second referendum.

Pledges on huge infrastructure investment and changes to tax are also included in the document.

Other changes include the proposed introduction of a gender neutral passport and school uniforms.