Liberty Poole teases Adam Maxted romance

Liberty Poole teases Adam Maxted romance credit:Bang Showbiz
Liberty Poole teases Adam Maxted romance credit:Bang Showbiz

Liberty Poole has teased "never say never" when asked about a romance with her 'Love Island: All Stars' co-star Adam Maxted.

The 24-year-old blonde beauty and Adam, 32, were spotted getting cosy at an event last month and Liberty has not ruled out a romance with the hunky wrestler.

Speaking to The Sun, Liberty said: "I know there were pictures of me and Adam, we actually just spoke that night and got to know each other a bit more.

"I did stay over, we were chatting a little bit and I think he is a lovely guy and I’m attracted to him.

"He’s very focused on his career and wanting to purse wrestling in America.

"And for me, I’m really looking for someone who puts energy and time into me. I’m doing something that I never did on 'Love Island', you’d all be so proud of me and I’m keeping my options open.

"In the past, I’ve been very career focused and busy working on my own projects. But never say never with Adam, I’m still single but I just think that I really want someone who really wants to put effort in who really wants to see and date me and stuff.

"I actually said to Adam last night, ‘I know you’re busy and I’m proud of you for smashing your dreams, and I said I’m just letting you know my options are open because I’m single and totally on your end as well…never say never’.

"I do like him, I do think he’s attractive and we do get on very well.

"Maybe if he was in the villa sooner, things could have progressed, but everything happens for a reason, so we’ll just see. But it’s exciting though."