Liev Schreiber Recalls Awkward 'Arousal' Shooting Steve Martin Movie

If there’s been a more embarrassing anecdote on a talk show, then we’ve yet to hear it…

Liev Schreiber, star of ‘Ray Donovan, was on the couch with Conan O'Brien when he lifted the lid on a stunningly awkward incident involving high heels, jogging pants, Steve Martin and an erection.

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Schreiber starred in the movie 'Mixed Nuts’ with Martin, way back in 1994, in which he played a transvestite.

The first day’s read-through required Schreiber to dance a frisky foxtrot with the 'fairly curmudgeonly’ comedy veteran.

But things soon went awry in the trousers department, when he was handed a pair of sweatpants and high heels to change into.

“I realised that I had worn boxer shorts under my jeans,” he told Conan.

“Guys know, when you wear boxer shorts with sweatpants, it’s problematic. I sort of chuckled to myself, 'Boy, wouldn’t this be inappropriate if I, ya know, became aroused’.


“So, of course, I get probably the best [erection] I’ve ever had.

“I’m mortified because we haven’t even shook hands yet and every time he spins me, it’s 'thwack!’ into his leg. I’m thinking to myself, 'There’s no doubt I’m going to get fired!’

“I was literally going through the entire roster for the New York Mets trying to make it stop.”

Schreiber adds that despite the incident, Martin was a consummate professional, 'just sort of looking up at the ceiling swinging me around… I want to say I’ve come a long way since then’.

“I should probably thank Steve, if he’s watching, for not saying anything.”

Yes, Liev. Yes, you probably should.

Image credits: Rex Features

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