Life-saving defibrillators set for Dogdyke and Hawthorn Hill

Caroline Dawson with Wendy Kalra of Ting Dene with the new defibrillator. (Photo: supplied)
Caroline Dawson with Wendy Kalra of Ting Dene with the new defibrillator. (Photo: supplied)

​Caroline Dawson has raised £2,609.50 to fund two defibrillators with her popular fundraising wine tasting nights in conjunction with Lincoln FFN.

Caroline was inspired to fundraise for the defibrillators after chatting with a good friend who had needed to call 999 for her dad, who lived at Dogdyke.

During the call, the call handler had asked if she had access to a defibrillator.

Fortunately, on that occasion one wasn’t needed, but it occurred to Caroline that if one was ever needed, the nearest defibrillators were at least two miles away.

Caroline approached Coningsby Town Council to ask if she raised the funds needed, would they be able to assist with the siting and ongoing responsibility of two defibrillators in Hawthorn Hill and Dogdyke, to which they agreed.

To raise the funds needed, Caroline organised a number of wine tasting evenings, which was very popular and attracted support from all over the region – and ended up raising enough money for not one, but two defibrillators.

The project has also been supported by The Stanley Barker Trust, who have contributed towards the siting costs of both defibrillators.

The Dogdyke defibrillator is already in place at Tingdene Residential Parks, and the Hawthorn Hill one will be installed shortly – with Coningsby Parish Council taking on responsibility for their maintenance and upkeep.

Kathy Roberts, Town Clerk and Proper Officer & RFO for Coningsby Town Council, said: “Coningsby Town Council were delighted to accept the gift of not one, but two defibrillators and cabinets from Caroline’s fundraising activities.

"This means that once the final one is installed, Coningsby and the surrounding hamlets have access to at least six defibrillators.

"The Council are pleased to add these potential lifesavers to the parish assets and maintain them for the future, the villages are so lucky to have such generous donations.

"Many thanks must go to the organisers and attendees of the event held.”